Credit Card Safety

Top Credit Card Safety Tips 

Most of us have at least one credit card in our wallets. Chances are, you have several. You probably also have one or two debit cards that can be used online and off. In fact, it’s rare to find anyone that consistently carries cash these days.

However, while we might be so used to paying with plastic that we don’t even think about it, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. Here are some tips to ensure that you can keep using your cards safely.

Shopping Online 

We shop online more than ever before. In fact, while real world stores are closing down everywhere, online stores are booming! But before you splash more cash on the internet, make sure you follow these basic rules: 

• Only ever shop on sites that have a valid SSL certificate. You can tell by the padlock next to their URL. 

• Wherever possible, use a third party service like PayPal instead of paying directly with your credit card. The vendor won’t see your payment information, and you will have access to enhanced buyer protection tools. 

• Try to purchase only from credible, established sites that you trust. 

• If you do shop online, activate your account notifications, so if a fraudulent transaction does happen, you will know right away. 

Shopping Offline 

Even if you’re shopping offline, you can still be the victim of credit card fraud. Protect yourself by following these rules: 

• Always shield your PIN from people when you enter it, or use tap if possible, so you don’t need to enter it at all. 

• Don’t get distracted when you are using your card. Some criminals will switch your card before you realize it. 

• Don’t accept help from anyone when making a payment or using an ATM. 

• Keep your daily spending limits low, so you can take action before things get out of control if you do notice something is wrong. 

Credit cards certainly make life easier – but they can also make us the target of crime. So always be a little cautious when you’re using your credit card for any transactions.

If you are the victim of credit card fraud, don’t wait to contact your bank. The sooner you can freeze your card and start disputing charges, the better!

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